Worship in Truth. Communicating Hope. Showing Compassion. Sharing Love. These are just a few themes that worship leader Tess Escoto communicates through the gift of music God has given her. Living a life of worship and teaching this to others is what she instills in the choirs, ensembles and teams she builds. "I want to create a passion for worship in each person I come in contact with, directing them to our God who cares about everything we do,” she says.

Tess serves as a worship leader traveling the United States leading worship in various youth, college and young adult and women’s conference capacities. She leads worship for diverse groups including Korean, Latin American, Anglo and African American congregations for crowds from 5 to 50,000, including the Billy Graham Crusade. Linda McCrary, of the Tommy Walker and Tommy Sims band says, “Tess is a jewel of a worshiper.” From her performances with Gospel great Andrae Crouch, to directing stirring Christmas productions, she strives to be authentic in worship. “Worship is about a lifestyle,” she says.

Tess first began leading in the local church with her student ministry. Later Tess attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she spent her time leading worship and directing youth at both campus-wide Bible studies, as well as maintaining a steady travel schedule leading in various outside events. Since the beginning, God has blessed Tess with the opportunity to be a part of many events, including District Youth Conventions, retreats, camps, rallies and revivals leading thousands of students and adults in worship.

Tess is currently Director of Worship at Destiny Church in Rocklin overseeing the Spanish/English services and promoting her Woman of Worship seminar teaching young woman everything from how to train vocals to music production. With the support of Sandra Crouch and other Gospel greats it is an outstanding starting point for our Christian woman. For more information on booking a seminar please contact Tess at