Projects 2019


Each week contestants will face off against real treats to protect celebrity guest star clients in Live Action Challenges. The International Bodyguard Championships a world-wide competition pitting the worlds best Bodyguards, Executive Protection, Military and all around bad-asses. A team of 12 men and woman from around the globe will face the"Impenetrable Force Obstacle Course" A challenging multi terr course designed by the worlds best tactical trainers, from Special Forces and Federal government consultants. The challenges ranged from hand-to-hand combat and evasive driving to weapon and tactical field obstacles.

Host are Cung Le and Kevin Sorbo, Judges include Cynthia Rothrock, Sunny Singh, Jeff Meacham and other action and Martial Art celebrities. These competitors will come from a range of backgrounds including law enforcement, executive protection, and armed forces. As well as civilian female or male bad-asses who believe they are up to the challenge. One hopeful will prove his abilities and win a cash prize and EPA contract.Executive Producer/creator Jeff Arcio round out this all-star cast.


New feature film from Cung Le "The Target"

Action star and MMA Champion Cung Le next film is currently in pre-production "The Target" an action packed movie starring Cung Le and featuring Danny Wu.

Brian Yaskulka Wins Grammy For Best Album

We are proud to announce that our own Brian Yaskulka, AKA BMagic, has won the Grammy for Lisa Loeb's new album. BMagic  has produced music for Elton John, Bel Bev Devoe and a list of other celebrities.





Gig Productions is happy to announce that we are now creating special music and video’s for all non-profit and charities.

“Here at Gig we wanted to find a way to help these companies get more  exposure while bringing attention to their cause,” said CEO Jeff Arcio. We are currently working with several organizations, which include Alzheimer Of Orange County and The Wounded Warrior Project to name a few. 

As far a cost it is based on a sliding scale we are here not to make lot money on this venture but assist with bringing donations to these organization. We will also be offering one free video twice a year to the most suggested organization on Facebook and Twitter.










International Release "The Replecan"

India action star Sunny Singh releases a jaw dropping sctfi film The Relecan.16 year old Valetika Romanoff wakes to find a bullet wound in her leg.She is told that she is not who or where she believes she is.