B Magic

Grammy Winning producer

Brian Yaskulka



Brian Yaskulka is a producer, mixer, engineer based in Hollywood, California. 

Originally from the East Coast, Brian moved to California from Brooklyn via New Jersey to pursue a career as a vocalist.  He began recording and mixing, instinctively recognizing how best to enhance and showcase his music. 

Soon other artists started bringing Brian their songs and asking him to work his “magic” for them.  Brian realized that he felt more fulfilled and passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and perfect their product.  He started his own studio, 7th Level Productions, and has since worked with indie and major label artists, such as Andy Summers (The Police), Lisa Loeb and Deana Carter among others. His mixes and productions have received worldwide radio airplay on the top 40 Billboard charts and have been heard in films such as XXX, State of the Union, Furry Vengeance, Two for the Money, and on television shows including  Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Switched at Birth, America’s Got Talent, Men in Trees, One Life To Live, PBS Carriers.  Brian Yaskulka's work has also been featured on national advertisements for Kmart, Overstock.com, Honda and Xbox 360 and he has become the "Go-To Guy" in the burgeoning indie LA music scene, working with such artists as Kina Grannis, Audra Mae, The Rescues, Ingrid Michaelson, Right The Stars, Karmina, Rob Giles, Jen Foster, Jules Larson, Ballerina Black, and producers Rich Jacques, Guy Erez, Joel Shearer, among others.

Brian's laid back style and easy-going nature makes him a breeze to work with - he saves the drama for his mixes.  His work reflects the emotional connections artists try to achieve with their songs.  Brian's hybrid approach to mixing combines the best of analog and digital worlds - his use of choice analog outboard gear brings classic warmth and tones together with the precision and control that modern digital technology has to offer.  His history as a performer gives him a visceral understanding of a musicians needs and preferences.  Brian’s work is instinctive, precise and soulful.  He is an artist who paints with sound and his canvas is your song.  His clients become part of his family. And Brian believes in taking care of family.  

Currently Brian resides in the South Bay beach community of Los Angeles and continues his work with nationally known and exciting new musical talents.