Gig Productions


Producing epic brand expressions through multi-medium, omnichannel environments—events, video, and scenic scapes—results in extraordinary experiences that are relevant, riveting, and forever memorable for those we serve. 

We thoughtfully and artfully manifest the deepest engagements possible. Our constant purpose is to build a collection of storied moments, beautifully expressed and humanely told. We seek singular collectivism. We make your event an experience.


 The Creative Media Crew is just that, a group of socially and environmentally conscious Directors, Event Producers and talent.  We are a comprehensive and independent film corporation including film and television production, investment in films, televisions, marketing and distribution as well as the operational management.

We focus on films and televisions, environmental industry and cultural industries. The headquarter is in Los Angeles with its branches in Utah, New York, Italy, Canada and Mexico. Cooperating with top producers and filmmakers from Hollywood, the corporation is equipped with a top core team of management and rich in experience in the international film and music market.

We work collaboratively with on and off-screen talent to produce content that inspires and engages audiences across a range of genres and platforms.



Film and TV Projects


Currently in development

ABSOLUTION is an exploration inside the mind of a veteran living with mental illness and PTSD. This film will offer a little hope in finding ways to cope and move forward, day by day. Absolution is written and Directed by Dan Lapray and Produced by Jeff Arcio. 


Currently in development

MAD MEX, THE STORY OF TYRONE JUAN GARCIA, is a very funny "mockumentary" in
the tradition of SPINAL TAP and BEST IN SHOW. It also, of course, takes funny
potshots at the entertainment industry given that its protagonist, Juan Garcia, becomes
a legendary martial arts action hero despite a complete lack of talent and an
obliviousness and simple-mindedness that is mistaken for profundity.