Kenya Clark

12-year-old Kenya Clark was born a singer with a very unique and powerful voice. Her singing career began at the age of 6 when she joined the American Heritage School Children's choir. Kenya's private vocal instruction began at the age of 8. It was at this age when she got to perform her very first professional rendition of the "National Anthem" for the "2014 Miss Utah Pageant". 

Kenya was discovered by the "One Voice Children’s Choir" just before turning 10 years old, she continues a member of this choir today besides being a singer to the Caleb Chapman's "Little Big Band" and "Ooh La La" bands.

This talented girl has received some incredible opportunities at her young age. She has been interviewed by the NBC "Little Big Shots" show for a casting opportunity and just this summer, she got to visit with The "Universal Music Group" in hopes of getting a recording contract deal.  She is currently in the process of realising two original singles shell use to showcase for Universal and other Label companies in LA. 

Kenya has performed at dozens of local and some international venues, as a choir member, and also as a solo performer. She went on a to Japan and France with the One Voice Children's Choir this year. She loved singing in Japanese and French. 

This year alone, she got to perform the "National anthem" at a "Utah Jazz game" and for the "University of Utah men and women’s basketball games" just like she did for the " 2014 Miss Utah Pageant" 


Kenya's voice has been recorded and featured as a contribution to many musical pieces for her choir and for other local artist's albums. 

Kenya's YouTube channel mission is to uplift, inspire and entertain those who follow her. She has approx. 15,000 subscribers, Facebook and Instagram followers. Her videos have been watched 3,385,000 times. Kenya's Moana video cover was recently awarded the "Best Music video" by the 2017 "Utah Music Awards. 


,Kenya is an entrepreneur who works hard selling  "fundraiser Pizza cards" on the weekends. This is how she finances all er music productions and voice lessons. 


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